7 Creative Mini Terrarium Ideas for Desktop Garden Growers

If you’ve created your first terrarium and can’t wait to get started on the next one, we’ve put together some creative mini terrarium ideas that will ensure your collection has variety. There’s more to terrariums than just a few decorative stones and succulents; you can play around with themes, colours, containers, mini figurines and planters. The limit really is your imagination.

Sometimes, though, our creative well runs dry so here is a bit of mini terrarium inspo to get you started. Once you’ve got your idea down, check out our terrarium starter kit for hassle-free delivery of essential terrarium ingredients. All you have to do is find the perfect container and choose your plants.

7 Creative Mini Terrarium Ideas

Lightbulb Terrarium

If you’ve got the time, patience and tools, you can clear out an old lightbulb yourself, or if you want to save potentially slicing your fingers on broken glass, there are also ornamental bulbs you can buy which come prepped for the job.

Funny Terrarium Accessories

Add some humour to your terrarium with quirky and fun planters. From plant name badges, to royal gardeners and naughty gnomes. There are plenty of cheeky plant accessories that can be used inside a terrarium. Lego figures also look awesome.

Terrarium Sand Art

When building a terrarium, it always seems to be business at the bottom, party at the top. However, since the container is made of glass, there’s no reason why the lower sections can’t have a bit of fun too! Try out some sand art next time you’re layering the base.

Herb Terrarium

Make your terrarium fun and functional when you include some herbs. Ensure that it’s an open terrarium to avoid too much humidity and then plant your herbs of choice. Thyme, mint, oregano and sage are all terrarium friendly, as are small tomato varieties, dwarf pineapples and creeping figs.

Teeny Tiny Terrariums

Being so versatile and easy to care for makes it relatively simple to turn any glass container into a mini garden. Try housing your terrarium in a Christmas bauble, necklace pendant, keyring charm, fridge magnet and more!

[H3] Water Garden Terrariums Bring the outdoors inside with a beautiful table top water garden. According to the tutorial for this teacup water garden by @radmegan, you should choose water plants such as taro, water lettuce, water hyacinth and fairy moss.

Mini Landscapes

With mini landscape terrariums, you can really let your imagination run wild. Whether it’s building a fairy village to delight your kids or recreating a scene from your favourite movie (*ahem* Jurassic Park), don’t let anyone tell you you’ve taken your terrariuming too far.


Make a Terrarium Out of Anything

Now that you’ve decided on your next project, visit us a myrootbox.com to grab a terrarium starter kit which comes with everything you need excluding the container and plants. Given the fact that you can make a terrarium out of any glass container with almost any plant, we thought we’d leave those ones down to you.

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