Magnificent Moss Terrariums: What to Grow and How to Grow it

Moss terrariums are a simple way to add colour and life to your indoor space. The best thing about moss terrariums is that they don’t need extensive care, so they’re great for those just starting out on their terrarium journey as well as for those who have so many that they don’t have time for regular misting. 

If you’re thinking about creating a moss terrarium, we’ve put together a simple guide that will cover the types of moss that you can use, how to care for them, plus some terrarium theme ideas to give you a bit of inspiration. Once you’ve planned out your project, check out our Terrarium Starter Kits to get all the essential ingredients delivered to you in one handy package. 

Terrarium-Friendly Moss 

Other than the essential sphagnum moss soil additive, there are two main types of moss that are cosmetically great for terrariums: clump moss and carpet moss. Clump moss will give your terrarium shape, it looks like mini hills or bushes, whereas carpet moss is generally flat and can be used to create a smooth base for your terrarium design. 

Clump Mosses 

Cushion moss is brilliant for terrarium texture. It has that irresistible, soft, bun-like squishiness and grows in lovely, rich, green colours. 

Mood moss is more ‘rough around the edges’ than cushion moss, so it adds a windswept and interesting vibe to your terrarium. 

Carpet Mosses 

Sheet moss is the most popular type of terrarium carpet moss, it grows flat and wide and can be sized to fit most spaces. 

Fern moss also grows flat, but the leaves are longer and more textured, so they will look more wild and less curated. 

Caring for Your Moss 

Moss have no roots, that’s part of what makes them so good for terrariums, they’re versatile and can be moved around. But, because moss have no roots, they like high humidity and a readily available water supply. For this reason, it’s best to plant your moss in a closed terrarium. You can put them in an open container if you want, but it will mean more work on your part as you’ll have to keep tabs on them more often. In a closed container you will only need to mist them around once a month. 

Moss Terrarium Themes 

Since moss can give the illusion of grass, it’s perfect for creative terrariums, especially if your project has an imaginative, outdoor theme. Here are just a few genius ideas to inspire you! 


Figurines will turn any terrarium landscape into a little piece of escapism. 

Natural Landscapes 

Moss terrariums are great for creating mini replicas of natural landscapes too. 

Creative Containers 

Experiment with different containers to bring something unique to your creation. 

Get Off to a Good Start With Our Terrarium Starter Kits 

Now that you’ve done some groundwork, it’s time to get started. We know it can be time consuming and expensive to source all the parts of your terrarium, so we created the Terrarium Starter Kit to make life a little bit easier. Inside you’ll find everything you need to get started; all you need to supply is the container and plants of your choice. 

Happy growing! 

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