Our story

We started Root Box because prior to the COVID pandemic, if you wanted to make your own terrarium from scratch, you would:

- have to source the different components in the correct sizes,

- to plenty of research to figure out exactly what kind of terrarium you would want to build

- determine which set of instructions to follow because there are so many different sources online!


Although there are many many ready-made terrarium beauties out there, these tend to be quite pricey and, generally, we have found that our repeat customers enjoy the whole process of building their terrariums from scratch with friends and family, and we even have a few companies who have bought kit as a team building exercise at work.

So in late 2019 we decided to fill the gap in the market for affordable terrarium kits providing the essential growing media allowing customers to build from scratch themselves - we provide materials to allow a 1 litre terrarium to thrive and the customer would buy whatever jar/ plant they want themself.

Since our launch, our terrarium kits have proved very popular since the first lockdown (March 2020). We now have a small team (family!) who package the materials for shipping to you and the company is currently from strength to strength, and we're currently looking for wholesale buyers to sell direct to retail stores.

In case you didn't know, the Root Box terrarium kit is a best seller on ETSY and currently #1 best seller on Amazon UK as well as being ‘Amazons choice’ for many terrarium related searches including ‘terrarium’ and ‘terrarium kit’.

Our customers love their kits and more often than not, buy more than one at a time, as it makes for a great group activity and gift for family and friends.

View some of the best fully formed terrariums by our customers :)